WhichBot: an AI for Natural Selection
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WhichBot 1.02 released   2005-12-16 10:32
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Natural Selection 3.1 and WhichBot 1.0   2005-12-12 13:39
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Natural Selection 3.0 final and WhichBot   2005-03-08 13:38
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What is this project?

WhichBot provides players for the alien team.  You can play against a whole team of WhichBots if you like, but for best results we recommend having at least 1 human player on the alien team.

More documentation will be coming soon, hopefully including a replacement for this, the world's ugliest web page.  If you just want to download and go, take a look at the latest available releases.

If you actually want to use some of our source code, or you want to redistribute the bot, you'd better take a look at the licensing information.


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